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Your price match and return policy have to match

Oct 23, 2020

My Bambino Plus

I got the Breville Bambino Plus about a month ago. It tends to regularly drop by about $100 in price every few months. So what do I do? Well I buy it at full price from a retailer specializing in bedding and bath items, expecting the price to drop, at which point I would buy it again and return it using the reciept of the first one I bought.

Before the price could drop I got a 20% off coupon. They send these out liberally if you give them one of your phone numbers. At this point I’m ready to buy another using the coupon, and returning it to get the $100 back.

Thinking I could save everyone some trouble, I called their customer support line and waited on hold for about an hour. Someone finally got to me and I told them my plan. I also told them that they could simply refund me the amount that I’m about to save by buying the same machine again and immediately returning it (using the receipt of the first), otherwise you’re going to be losing more money than necessary and my time is going to be wasted.

I’ll spare you the details, but the best they could do was 10% off. So I said no, ordered it again with the coupon, received it a few days ago, and immediately turned around and shipped it off to be returned. What a waste.